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Kids need to play. It’s an important part of their physical, social and emotional development. Also, it’s fun. And kids need to play together, no matter their ability.

Preston’s Playground will be the place for this to happen. It’s an all-inclusive playground to be built in Newark, Del., and designed so that all children can play together. It will include safe, adaptive equipment that is accessible, imaginative and fun.

The playground will be 6,000 square feet, but will include 8,400 square feet of rubberized surface material and three accessible entrances for kids with wheelchairs, braces or other mobility issues.

The playground will be located at bottom of the Newark Reservoir off Paper Mill Road in the city of Newark, Del. You can see it on the map here.

Preston’s Playground will be built on land owned by the city of Newark. Once the construction of the playground is complete, the city of Newark will assume care and maintenance of the area.

Preston’s Playground will have fully handicapped accessible “family style” restrooms.

While we are thrilled with the success and popularity of the Can Do playgrounds at Alapocas Run State Playground and Milford, we are not associated with these sites. Preston’s Playground will be a separate play space.

Plenty of handicapped-accessible parking will be available at Preston’s Playground.

All structural playground equipment will be accessible to all children. The playground was designed by an inclusive designer with children in wheelchairs and typical children able to play side by side.

Our goal is to have the playground funded in the next 12 months. But the timeline really depends on the generosity of the community. We need to raise $350,000 to make Preston’s Playground a reality.

It’s important for all children to play together. Having a space like this where kids can use their imagination, explore and laugh with each other while being outdoors teaches them more about life than they could ever read in a book or online. We are helping these children – and their families – to understand the gifts of acceptance and inclusion.

Help us raise money for the construction of Preston’s Playground. Get the word out about inclusion in our community. Stand up and speak out when you see others excluded from group activities because of their physical differences.

Preston’s Playground does not have its’ own 501 c3 status but operates under the Delaware Community Foundation.

Visit to learn more about the project and also to make your donation online.

After completing your donation, you will receive a letter from Delaware Community Foundation with the information necessary for tax deduction.